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Welcome to Colour Racers UK. We started as three mates who, though living in different areas of the country, have a common interest in Coloured Racing Pigeons. In May 2015 we decided to set up a web site to help promote this wonderful hobby and share our journeys. Who knows, if our enthusiasm spreads, it might in some small way keep pigeon keeping alive. This site is not meant to be definitive of all the colours, rare or otherwise, nor do we have vast experience or knowledge of colour genetics, we just enjoy keeping and breeding the colours we like and endeavour to breed the colours we would like. If you have coloured racing pigeons or unusual colours and projects and would like to join us with your own pages, showcasing your colours and projects contact John , your email and contact details are not displayed on site, but fanciers can contact you by contact form,There is no charge.so why not join ?

Howard in Gloucester U.K.

Martin in Devon U.K.

Dominant  Indigo  self adult  Dutch Hen WP_2017103

Martin currently has

Mueleman/Kirkpatrick Chocolates, Yellows & Pale Yellow/Dilute Yellow/Yellow Almond
Red Grizzle, Red Cheq & Yellow Cheq Kirkpatricks.

Projects working on
Barless brown

Modenas ( Argents and Barless) Fancy
Laugher Fancy


John currently has

Qualmond .Milky Blue Milky Cream Bar,
Yellow Chequer,
Chocolate Meuleman,
Indigo Chequer/Andulusian,
Recesive Red,

Projects working on Ice onto Racers
Mealy onto Damascenes

Damascenes Fancy
Polish (Galacian ) Ice High Flyers Fancy

Alan currently has

Indigo, Andulusian ,Qualmond ,Silver chequers Yellow chequers Grizzles Recessive Reds( chocoolates)

Projects working with Qualmond indigo combinations

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